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EST. 1999

I've been helping people party since 1999.

In other words, the depth and breadth of my experience is vast.

From a 10,000-person music festival to an intimate birthday celebration for a high-profile CEO, I've planned it all. And I've learned that events are a lot like train rides. You can't drive the train and enjoy the ride. And...


Instead, it's best to find someone to plot the course, keep things on 
track, and get you to your final destination - on time and on budget.

You cannot work at your event and enjoy the celebration.

very well connected & respected

"Vicki has a strong work ethic. She's honest, very supportive and was totally understanding of our need to stay within a specific budget. She was very well connected and respected by all the vendors."

-Charmaine C.

kind words

kind words

look forward

to your extraordinary event experience

feel seen


Planning an event can feel like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle - without the box it came in. Without a clear vision, it can feel nearly impossible. But over the years, I've found that what appears to be a pile of tasks and to-dos just needs a good system. And someone patient enough to figure things out.

First step? Share all of your ideas! Seriously. No idea is too crazy. Instead, I'll simply organize your ideas, sort through the options, and assemble a team of high-performance vendors to bring the idea to life. 

That's where I come in. I love a good puzzle.

Then, I'll present you with all the possible options. I'll offer my expert opinion And I'll let you know if an expense is really worth it. Ultimately though, the decision (and the price) will be yours.

No kickbacks. Just direct access to each vendor and fully transparent pricing.

feel hEard


In my former life, I was both a private investigator and the event planner for the President of Tulane University. Those two careers may not seem at all similar, but both required thorough research, complex problem solving, and meticulous planning. They also required incredible communication skills, crazy good intuition, and a high level of attention to detail.

I learned three important lessons during that time.

1. 99% of the time, my gut is spot on.

2. Once you understand the details, the rest follows pretty effortlessly.

3. Clear and consistent communication is imperative to keep anxiety low.

So you can relax. With me you'll always know where things stand - with the checklist, with your budget, and with the overall event.

About planning & Design Services

more wonderful than you imagined

"I had complete trust in Vicki and knew she saw my vision of how I wanted things to go. She also stepped in to ensure my needs were met and my ideas were heard, whether it was with family, the wedding party, or other vendors."

kind words

kind words

feel honored


My grandmother inspired my life for entertaining. She was an amazing hostess and planned every last detail of a dinner party. From the food to the place cards - everything was important! She even sent handwritten invitations for family dinner parties. And I was, in turn, expected to write her a handwritten reply.

Times are changing and people don't often do that anymore, but I love those details.

And I obsess about ways to incorporate time-honored traditions and surprising or thoughtful touches into your day.

feel in control


During my time at Tulane, I learned to read facial expressions. When my boss at the time 
would give me "the look", and I knew that something needed to be fixed. And fast!

That's why, now, I consider myself an expert at reading a room. And at every event, I
make it a goal to be 20 steps ahead so you don't ever have to leave your seat.

If it starts raining, you'll find me outside moving tables and chairs. If the catering crew gets behind on bussing tables, I'll help them pick up the pace. And remember that train metaphor? Well, I'll throw myself in front of it if it means protecting you or your guests
from any mishap.

Because when the train leaves the station, I believe your only job is to...

Enjoy the ride!


About planning & Design Services

About planning & Design Services

handled each and every detail with great care

"Vicki was easy to talk to, very supportive of my ideas and vision, and handled each and every detail with great care and attention."

kind words

kind words


with gratitude


Back in the day, my dad told me to find what I'm passionate about. He said, "If you don't you'll never be happy." I'm forever grateful for that advice and for him. Because I love what I do, and I almost can't imagine doing anything else.

Here are some of the other things
I'm most grateful for:

  • My husband for supporting my dreams. 
  • My kids for making me a mom. 
  • Chocolate because it's delicious.
  • Ranunculus because they are stunning.
  • Amazing shoes and a good foot massage because 15 straight hours on my feet is no joke.

And great music. Because an event without good music is like Mardi Gras without beads.